AI dalam Pengadilan

Saat ini, sekumpulan ilmuwan komputer sudah dapat menciptakan program Artificial Intelligence yang dapat memperkirakan keputusan dari sidang pengadilan Hak Asasi Manusia  dengan akurasi 79 persen .

Hal ini  merupakan titik awal , dimana AI akan semakin merambah segala bidang ,


Computer scientists have created an AI program capable of predicting
the outcome of human rights trials. The program was trained on data from
nearly 600 cases brought before the European Court of Human Rights
(ECHR), and was able to predict the court's final judgement with 79
percent accuracy. Its creators say it could be useful in identifying
common patterns in court cases, but stress that they do not believe AI
will be able to replace human judgement.

"I don’t see that we're ready or near to ready to creating AI judges
and lawyers," Dr. Nikolaos Aletras, the scientist who led the research,
told The Verge. "Although courts do already use a lot of computer
analytic tools, and I think that in the future, AI could be useful for
this too."

AI program able to predict human rights trials with 79 percent accuracy

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