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A new massive data generator

It about time that we will meet a data generator called google glass, be prepare huge storage to keep the big data and a high speed cpu to make them meaningful unless it only a junk of data. Twitter Is Testing Out Its Official Google Glass App In The Wild - TechCrunch

Why afraid of change ? Google Glass

Schmidt: Google Glass Critics “Afraid of Change,” Society Will Adapt | Xconomy

They only have to fund it and hope for the best

Looking past the Google Glass hype: Nobody knows what it's for | CITEworld

Wareable computer on the move

Google Glass devices sent to first users outside company for testing

Next war on virtualisation

Linux Foundation takes over Xen, enlists Amazon in war to rule the cloud | Ars Technica citrix still continue to support xen and it become real threat to vmware on cloud business

Hari backup international

Home | World Backup Day — March 31st Siapa yang pernah berpikir tentang layanan prima pasti mengerti kenapa harus ada backup